Brand Story

The LaPaella franchise platform is a comprehensive and detailed set of specifications, systems, guidelines, protocols, toll, and best practices to operate a successful and profitable LaPaella ~ The Fresh Spanish Experience.

LaPaella is an exciting and contemporary fast casual brand that encompasses approximately 2,000 square feet. LaPaella is a modern reinterpretation of traditional Spanish dining. It invites guests to explore a true taste of Spain—made-to-order paella, Bocata sandwiches, tapas, drinks and desserts—in a fun, casual environment.

Just as the food and drink at LaPaella celebrate authentic Spanish recipes and culinary techniques, so does the atmosphere. The restaurant embodies the flavors and textures of Spain, creating an experience that is warm and deeply personal. The feeling is one of ease, energy and conviviality.

Through the utilization of a vibrant color palette and crisp, contemporary design, LaPaella celebrates tradition and authenticity by bringing it squarely into the 21st century. Like its namesake dish, LaPaella is savory, smoky, fresh and full of zest.

The restaurant brings together Spanish traditions and transforms it into something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

LaPaella is tradition rediscovered. Guests and staff alike rediscover the familiar, seeing each day in a new way. Team members are engaged, excited and proud of the quality of food and the exceptional service experience they provide. Guests share in celebrations with family and friends—old and new—ultimately creating new traditions.